Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After Thanksgiving - a Thanksgiving poem

The Day After Thanksgiving
Gregory K.

Yesterday my grandpa pinched my cheek and said I’d grown.
I heard my uncle’s lousy jokes and held back every moan.
I had to watch the football games instead of what I like.
I had to watch my cousins all take turns on my new bike.
I had to take a taste of Auntie’s tofu bean sprout "stuff."
I didn’t get the apple crisp – Mom didn’t make enough!
The table got so messy that I had to clear it twice.
I couldn’t wear my comfy clothes since Dad said, "Please dress nice."
All day I heard my grandma say how crazy my dog drove her.
Today I’m thankful we’re alone ‘cause I’ve got zilch left over.

I hope all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a happy day. I did (the above is actually not autobiographical in any way, I'm pleased to say)... and am looking forward to the weekend ahead.

A big thanks to all the folks who have hosted the Poetry Friday roundup, including this week's host Jone! (You can find the roundup here.)

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Melissa Wiley said...

Love it, Greg! Very funny. :) I'll enjoy sharing this one with my kids.

tanita✿davis said...

Hah! Well, this year I was without family, but I shall dubious joys of being together and remind myself that taking a break is good, too!

Mary Lee said...

A fitting tribute to the fact that sometimes The Day After is sometimes better than The Day Itself!

Joseph D'Agnese said...

Loved this! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Greg!

---Joe D'Agnese

Ruth said...

I like it! :-)

Linda said...

This is a fun poem! I bet a lot of kids are feeling that way today!

Carol H Rasco said...

SO took me back to some pre-teen and teenage Thanksgiving family celebrations I experienced! Thanks, Greg!

Amy L V said...

How funny! There is something about the after-ness of holidays that feels so peaceful. I'm glad you had a good one...we did too! A.

Patak said...

Very funny. Certainly sums up many a Thanksgiving from my teen years.

Julie said...

Ah, the secret thoughts of many kids (but as long as I got to lick the beaters after the cream was whipped, I gladly put up with all the rest of it!)

Cute poem, Greg - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving poems