Sunday, April 04, 2010

Baseball! (And a little poetry)

It's opening day of baseball season, and that, for me at least, is a cause for excitement. But, this isn't a baseball blog... so instead of waxing rhapsodic, I want to celebrate by first sending you off the The Happy Nappy Bookseller to make sure you saw Doret's fantastic series, wherein she asked the authors of nine baseball novels the same series of 12 questions. Here's a second link, cuz you really oughta check this out.

Not kid-lit specific, but I truly enjoyed Rachel Levitin's article Five Baseball Lessons From Thomas & Billy Heywood. Thomas and Billy, you see, are characters from the movie Little Big League, which I wrote! Her advice is for the Nationals, but I think works for any team.

And two poetry notes: for some baseball poetry (and more) check out The Miss Rumphius Effect's Poetry Makers profile of Gene Fehler today. Sweet!

Finally, head over to Poetry For Children and see Avis Harley's new poetic form, the intravista. That's a home run!

Thanks for hanging out here (and going to all those theres). I'll be back soon with more 30 Poets/30 Days, but for now, I gotta book.


BethMooreSchool said...

Yay! Baseball! Go Yankees!

Greg Pincus said...

Yankees??? Oh. Sigh. Well, we'll always have books and poetry to keep us together :-)

Here's to a great season (errr... Go, Sox!).

Doret said...

Thanks so much for the link. I did use one poetry book. Change up Baseball poems by Fehler.

Baseball fans will love it.

Anonymous said...

i love baseball a lot go yankees!