Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Poetry Re-Issue: Air Guitar

Gregory K.

I bought myself an air guitar.
You think I overpaid?
Well, the guy who sold it to me said that it’s the best he’s played.

It really is a beauty:
Just one scratch and two small dings.
I can’t wait for you to hear it... but I gotta buy some strings.

(originally published here at Gottabook on April 16, 2006)

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K-Sue said...

Great little poem. Makes me want to play my air guitar.

Laura said...

Ha! Greg, you made me laugh.

Laura Evans

TimKeeton said...


I think your new air guitar sounds rad.
I'll bet it is one I'd wish I had.

Is it a Gibson Les Paul, or another mind-bender?
Maybe a Stratocaster made by Fender?

Whatever the brand, play it 'round the clock,
'Cause that is the way you learn how to rock!

laurasalas said...

Love this, Greg--especially the ending.

Laura (who's off to buy some air sticks for her air drums)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I didn't know you played! :)

Flying Selki said...

I like this one!