Monday, January 18, 2010

Award Season! (And Hooray for Chris Barton!)

Today is children's literature's big day, what with the ALA announcing the Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, and a slew of other awards. You can see the full list of winners and honorees here - some great books recognized this year.

While I'm thrilled for all the winners, I must give one special hat tip to Sibert Medal honor book author Chris Barton (who won for The Day-Glo Brothers).

I met Chris at my first SCBWI Conference and we've been cyberpals ever since. At the time, neither of us had a book out or a book deal. Now, he's an award winning author with other books in the pipeline. And Chris's blog is actually why I started blogging, so on some level, he led to my own book deal (with Arthur A. Levine who I also met at that same conference).

So congratulations, Chris. Here's to many more... even if your son F is over it, I'm not :-)


Lisa Nowak said...

Whoa, this is so weird. I've been following Chris's wife's blog and didn't realize the connection.

Chris Barton said...

Thanks, Greg. Yesterday felt great, but I still remember the feeling the morning that I discovered you had started GottaBook -- that was pretty great, too, and obviously memorable.

Anonymous said...

I love his book. So happy that he got an award.