Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Library Season!

In the middle of last school year, I attempted to go into retirement as a volunteer librarian. I succeeded for a while, but... well... I'm baaaaaaaaaack. It's unlikely I'll ever put in as many hours in the job as I once did (and as it needs), but budgets being what they are, the gig is gonna remain a volunteer position for some time. This year, there should be plenty of help, however. Or so I hope!

The year started off we me needing a short, simple, fun book, and I grabbed John Stadler's Wilson and Miss Lovely (thanks, Amanda!). It started the year off with as a rousing success.

This being Banned Book Week, I've got some ideas for a read-aloud... though I'll be driven by quality, not by whether a book's been challenged or not.

It's good to be back in swing!

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ReadingTub said...

Yeah! I'll bet you'll have a blast. If you need books, holler. This year we'll send them one box at a time so they don't turn into presents for US Postal Workers!