Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Poetry Re-issue: The First Day of School - a first day of school poem

(This poem originally ran here at GottaBook in September of 2006 and again last year, I believe. But it is that time of year again!)

Gregory K.

I don’t know the teacher.
I sure hope she’s nice.
But what if she’s mean with a heart cold as ice???
What about bullies?
There might be a bunch.
And what a disaster if I mess up lunch!
I don’t like that playground:
The slide hits the sky!
And now here at drop-off, I can’t say “goodbye.”
My stomach is queasy.
My stress can’t be greater...
But then a voice calms me,
“Bye, Dad! See ya later!”

Good luck to all parents (yeah, and kids, too) as the first day of school comes 'round once more. And happy Poetry Friday to all! Why not check out the roundup of this week's posts over at The Boy Reader?

Oh, yeah - you can change "Dad" to "Mom" in that last line, as necessary!

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Julie Larios said...

I love that, Greg! I certainly experienced many agonizing moments like that with my three kids.

Fingers crossed I will get to see you when you come to Seattle, though it looks like your sessions might be filled already, and I'm not a SCBWI member. Will try to make a plan!

AnAestheticBard said...

Beautiful,so well conceived and written.I am a vulnerable dad too:)

Barbara H. said...

This is great. I think I was much more anxious about my kids' first day than they were.

laurasalas said...

What a fun one, Greg! I'm always thrilled on the first day of school and don't get too anxious, but I like the turnaround here. :>)