Sunday, November 16, 2008

Travel, with kidlit overtones

It is fun and funny to tool around Southern California and view things through a children's lit perspective. For example, this weekend, I saw many plants that clearly musta inspired Dr. Seuss to draw what he drew. Oh, sure, I have no proof of this inspiration, but you just look at some of our native flora and suddenly some of the good doctor's stuff doesn't seem as totally far-fetched anymore. I bet all of you in other locales can find similar points of reference.

In fact, perhaps many of you around the blog-reading-world have had the same experience as me: this weekend, I actually drove to where the pavement (and sidewalk) ends... and even drove beyond.

I am hoping to be duly inspired. But it was fun, regardless!

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Anonymous said...

So where did you go??? as in
One of my favorite Seuss-all-
around-to-see is the Los Angeles Zoo; the plants,the animals and the people too.