Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Vote? -- a voting poem/an election poem/a voting Fib

Why Vote?
Gregory K.

Folks fight
For this right.
It's not just a word:
Vote! It's how you make your voice heard.

It's a Fib, but it's no fib: you should vote if you can. And don't forget about Blog the Vote on November 3rd. And I have another voting poem here. Oh, and don't forget to visit the Poetry Friday links, collected over at Big A little a.

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1 comment:

david elzey said...

Nice. I'm gonna pass it along to my eldest (12) who is very up on the election. I am finding myself very guarded in these final days, particularly about the "fighting" issue because in some respects I'm more afraid of what happens on November 5th when we all wake up from the hangover of this protracted party.

See? I can't even leave a simple blog comment anymore!