Monday, March 03, 2008

Tagged. And lazy???

King of Pond Scum Alan Silberberg tagged me with a "5 Things about Me" meme. I told him I'd do it since I couldn't remember if I'd ever done it... and it seem doable. I woke up this morning and thought "hey, wait! I shouldn't have eaten that last piece of pie. AND I'm sure I did this meme." So, Alan -- I up you by 60% and replay my reply to the EIGHT things about me meme (with three changes to the eight for the alert/obsessed/daily readers among you)....

1) There's an X-Files character who shares my name.

2) I have held an Oscar. It was heavy!

3) If they were healthier, I'd eat ribs a lot more. Even still, I'm always on the hunt for great rib shacks (and LA has a lot!).

4) I have a copy of Winnie the Pooh in Esperanto. At one point in time I was convinced I'd learn Esperanto. Then... uh... I don't remember what happened, but I can safely say it's never been a problem that I'm not fluent.

5) I'm allergic to cats, and they, of course, love me. There are certain people that enjoy placing me with cats, anyway, because when I'm around felines too long, I lose my voice!

6) Every year, I attempt to decaffeinate for two weeks. Please note the word "attempt."

7) At one point in my life, I could do the Rubik's cube in under 15 seconds. Now, I could probably do it in under 15 days, but I make no promises.

8) I have never met a Game Seven of a best of seven sporting event that I didn't like. Team Handball, Albania vs. Malta, Game Seven??? Let's make popcorn!

Now, as is tradition around here, every single one of you is tagged. Go on. Tell us things.

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