Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Categories. We need more categories!

There aren't nearly enough awards given out in the world of children's books to satisfy me. We need MORE. No, not more "best book" awards, since there are many lists. And I'm not just talking new and exciting and highly participatory awards like the Cybils. No, I'm talking things like...

Best Opening Line
Best Character Name
Best Hidden Gag in a Picture Book
Funniest Illustration
Best Joke

And on and on (and please feel free to leave categories in the comments)....

OK, sure... it's like the whole "Best Kiss" on the MTV Movie Awards thing -- it doesn't carry a lot of gravitas. And no, this stuff wouldn't replace the wonderful lists and awards that exist. But if I'm a kid and I see a book with a "best joke" award on it, I'm telling ya... I'm interested.


Anonymous said...

How about "Best Page 73" and "Best ISBN Number"?
-Monique Ruiz

Wizards Wireless @ said...

As a bookseller, I second the nomination for "Best ISBN Number."

How about "Best endpapers?" Mo Willems could clean up in that category.


Wizards Wireless @ said...

And there should definitely be a category for "Best Title."

Christopher Paolini's new book Brisingr would not be a candidate.

Gregory K. said...

I love "best page 73"! And the ISBN number is rocking, too. Best Title is great cuz it'll be highly controversial. As a general rule, though, I tend to agree that unpronouncable words with missing vowels don't make for the best titles, ancient words or not.

What about Best Author Photo?