Friday, December 07, 2007

Oddaptation: The Cat in the Hat

After quite a layoff, it's the return of the Oddaptations. For those who aren't familiar with exactly what an Oddaptation is, you can look over to the right and click on links (helpfully collected under "The Oddaptations" headline), or you can check this post. But briefly, think Spark Notes/Cliff Notes of a picture book... but with attitude.

And really, come to think of it, that's probably all you need to know so you can understand that I'm not picking a fight with the Cat. But an Oddapter's gotta do what an Oddapter's gotta do....

by Dr. Seuss
Oddaptation by Gregory K.

Two kids, both quite young, alone at home sat
And let in a stranger -- a tall, talking cat.
The fish in his pot cried, “he can’t be about!”
But the Cat in the Hat just would not be kicked out.
Instead he played “games,” and he showed the kids “Things,”
And left a huge mess that was worthy of kings.
But the Cat then came back (on the very same day)
Cuz he always puts all of his playthings away.
Still he left those two youngsters quite troubled, it’s true,
Since you know they’ll now lie to their mom. Wouldn’t you?

(And hey, this week's Poetry Friday roundup is over at Becky's Book Reviews. Go spend some time being poetic and read some reviews, too!)


Mac McCool said...

How fun and timely! I just received the "Annotated Cat in the Hat" and I cannot wait to study the whole book! Fun bit, Greg!

Jone said...

Hilarious, Greg. I love the take on a favorite childhood book. Oh yes, I even I a plastic model of the cat.
msmac (blogger doesn't allow me to sign in with edublogs.

Anonymous said...

But "The Cat" doesn't need to exist - the book reads perfectly well as an imaginary character. But sadly, my theory falls apart with the sequel.