Saturday, October 20, 2007

Graphically speaking....

For all my SoCal friends, just thought I'd point out a cool event: Graphic Novel Day. It's on November 3rd, and run by the fine folks of the OC-SCBWI. Plus, Mac McCool and Marilyn Scott-Waters are speaking/teaching and I know from first hand experience that means you should go and listen up!


poefusion said...

Hello Gregory! Thanks for visiting Poefusion yesterday. I was honored to have you there. If anything else needed to be linked or other credits, I might have missed, need to be given to you just let me know and I will make appropriate changes. Again, thanks for the visit. Come back anytime.

Have a nice day.

Mac McCool said...

Hurray, Greg! We're planning on having fun while introducing children's writers and illustrators to the wonderful world of graphic novels! It's gonna be like a one-day college course! Thanks for the link!!