Saturday, August 04, 2007

The 2007 SCBWI Conference, part 1

So, one day done, and as usual, it was a whirlwind of this and that as well as a bit of the other. Or put another way, I can honestly now say "Yes, I have heard a Mongolian throat singer while standing next to Walter Dean Myers."

Not having much time this morning before zipping back into action, I thought I'd mention how much fun it was to meet so many fellow bloggers last night. I didn't actually count how many folks came to FAKND@SSC but there were many, many, many. It's not clear to me if my perception is accurate, but I think LAPD had to send a helicopter over us to make sure we weren't having too much fun.

More on the Conference as time permits... but now I gotta book!

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talldave said...

Sounds like you are keeping plenty busy, Greg. And as I write, you may be dancing with those wild and crazy Disco Mermaids. Thanks for taking the time to give us an update; those of us who can't be there in person appreciate being there vicariously.

David LaRochelle