Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shelving. And then some.

So, here as we approach the end of the school year, finally, at long last, we're getting a day in the library to organize, re-organize, alphabetize, and shelve, shelve, shelve. Yes, with 5 weeks to go! Still, I'm excited, as the beast has gotten out of control, and this is the chance to tame it.

I recently typed up a list of the read-alouds from the last two years, and realized that I have, indeed, spent at least some of my time well. It's a fine list of around 160 titles, with a great range, I must say with everything from the funny to poignant, silly to sublime, fiction to non-fiction, poetry to wordless picture books, and a lot of stuff in between. Have I hit my goal of making sure that every student in the school has seen their life reflected in something we've read? It's surely possible, though there's room for improvement there. I hope to spend the summer reading tons of books I don't know, so I can find the ones that hit sweet spots I've missed.

But for now... boy, do I want to simply get everything put away once! Here's hoping....

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