Monday, February 27, 2006


Today’s blogging is about miscellany as opposed to specific, focused content. But I won’t call it a day off. Writers never take days off. We just ‘research’ a little bit more on some days than others. Anyway...

I updated my profile to make myself less mysterious (which was mostly a byproduct of simply getting up and running as opposed to clever plotting on my part).

From my screenwriting life, I want to tip my hat in farewell to Don Knotts, a true gentleman who somehow made (somewhat starstruck) me feel like he was grateful that I’d written a part he could play whereas the truth was 180 degrees opposite.

My first week of blogging is now done. Didn’t change my life, but it also didn’t make me any less productive in my other writing. So, I view this as all good: I wrote more (including usable poetry!), did something new, cyber-met a few new bloggers, and have yet to cause myself online embarrassment.

But there’s always next week! So on that note… I gotta book.


Anonymous said...

" and have yet to cause myself online embarrassment."

Trust me, that one is just a matter of time. It's oddly a rather humiliating way. Kind of like going into labor in front of 7 NYU medical residents. At some point ya just stop caring ;)

Greg Pincus said...

"at some point ya just stop caring"

Yes. That's how I feel about my PopTart addiction, as well.

I am sure in due time I will utterly humliate myself on the blog. And I'm sure all my pals will rise up... to make sure I'm aware of it.