Friday, January 06, 2017

In Middle School - a school poem/a middle school poem

In Middle School
Gregory K.

History's a mystery.
Science is a curse.
My English grade could use some aid -
My math one's even worse.
My Spanish skill is nearly nil.
PE's like a punch.
The only class I think I'll pass
In middle school is lunch!

(©2017 Greg Pincus)

The above poem kicks off The Homework Strike (my new novel out this week from Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic. Makes a great gift. Find a great local store or buy online or both!). As in the 14 Fibs, main character Gregory K. writes poems, and one starts each chapter. There might be others lurking in the 272 pages o' Strike, too, but you'll only know if you read it. I think you should, though I am biased. Also, while the poem and book aren't autobiographical, for the record, I passed lunch every year of school.

It's time for the first Poetry Friday roundup of the year, hosted over at TeacherDance. There are tons of great poetry links there to kick off your new year, so you really oughta check it out.

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Sally Murphy said...

Thanks for the giggle.Look forward to reading the rest of the book, Greg.

Tara said...

As a middle school teacher I can safely attest to the truth of this!

Ruth said...

Looks like something my students would really like! Adding it to my wish list!

Charles Waters said...

Many, many congrats, Greg. Looking forward to reading the continuing adventures of Gregory K.

Kay said...

What a fun poem. When I taught middle school, I knew quite a few students who could relate.

Linda B said...

Considering the complaints from my middle school students about the lunches, I'm not sure they would pass lunch, either. But I know they wouldn't pass up your new book, Greg. Congratulations!

Jane @ said...

Congratulations on the book!! Oh, that poem brings back too many memories, you've hit the nail right on the head with that one!

Linda Mitchell said...

Ha! oh, the middle school years. I seem to have a fondness for them as this is my sixth year of teaching middle school in the library. Love the sense of fun/dread that is so middle school in your poem. Happy New Year!