Saturday, March 09, 2013

Poetic Madness, 2013 Style

Sweeeeeet! March Madness, poetry style, is back again thanks to  Ed DeCaria at Think Kid, Think. And once again, I'm giving it a go along with 63 other poetry loving foo... errr... poets!

The way the Madness works is pretty simple: we "face off" against another poet, each of us having 36 hours to write a poem based on an assigned word. This year, I'm a 13th seed, and that means my words are gonna be challenging. But isn't that the fun of it all? Yes!

I hope you'll follow along with the whole bracket. I'm in action starting Tuesday the 12th, and others begin the 11th. Last year was a blast and a great way to lead into the fun of National Poetry Month in April, too.


Heather Temske said...

Loved it last year. Looking forward to following along again.

Linda B said...

Best to you Greg. It'll be quite an adventure!

laurasalas said...

Can't wait to see ya there! Game. On.