Friday, September 14, 2012

A Kitchen Mystery - a cooking poem/a messy poem

A Kitchen Mystery
Greg Pincus

You’re asking who did this?
Well, Mom, I don’t know.
I don't even have a good guess.
Who'd leave the oven encrusted with goop
Or the counters in such a big mess?
I don't have a clue why there's flour in my hair
Or how frosting has turned my shirt plaid,
But really, I... what?
You demand that I guess?
Well, fine....
It must have been Dad.

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Renee LaTulippe said...

Of course it was! Fun poem, Greg! I plugged Late Bird the other day on FB/Twitter - hope it's going well.

Alex said...

tsksntNice to read another one of your poems. I have been missing them

skanny17 said...

I am going to teach this to the 3rd grade class I have adopted! It will be a lot of fun, I am sure!! If it turns out well, I will try to send you a video Greg. (Though I am still low tech!)
Kids love a "surprise ending" and honest looks at themselves!!!!
Janet F.
Poetry teacher from NY

Amy LV said...

You're such a great kid at heart, Greg. That's how you do this, methinks! I know this scenario...but I am the messy one! Happy PF!

Author Amok said...

Poor Dad. I have to feel for him. Hey, Greg, when I was in London this summer, we had breakfast in a hotel with your first fibonacci poem framed on the wall. I took a photo and will have to send it.

Diane Mayr said...

We used to have a running joke in our house that's very similiar, "It's all Grampa's fault."

KarolinaS said...

Hee hee...of course it was Dad!

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks, y'all! And Amy... no, I'm not the clean one either.

Author Amok- I'd love to see the photo! I had no idea there was a London tribute to the Fib!

Janet - a video would be fun, but don't worry if the tech fails you in some regard. I'll be happy just to know you were working with it and the kids!

Mary Lee said...

Another fun poem from the Master of Wit and Rhyme! Welcome back!

Ruth said...

Ha! Perfect!

Ishta Mercurio said...

EXCELLENT! My son uses that one ALL THE TIME. Poor dads. Always getting a bum rap.

Kathleen Rupff said...

Hi Greg,
That's great! Nice to see your work... Just came over to your blog after hearing you on Katie Davis' Brain Burps podcast. Look forward to reading more! THANK YOU!