Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hero's Art Journey - Check it Out!

My friend and children's book world colleague (and professor and fellow SCBWI member and and) Mira Reisberg is debuting a new online class, Hero's Art Journey (it's starting on September 12th).  If you know an artist... a budding artist... a teacher... a coach... a therapist... or anyone interested in exploring, learning, and, well, signing up for what Mira thinks will be a transformative experience, I hope you'll shoot 'em the link. (Or if that describes you, check it out yourself!)

I've been working with Mira a bit on ways to spread the word for a project like this, and what's struck me from day one is how excited she is to be offering up something that is exactly what she wants to offer, not constrained by where she's working or teaching. Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious. And she's done her homework, taking other online classes to learn what she likes and doesn't like from that angle, too (something I do, as well). Plus, I always laugh when we talk and have learned a ton myself in the process. Good times, indeed, and again, I hope you'll check out the site to see what the Journey is.

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