Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fits. Starts. Drafts. Dregs.

I'm a note jotter, I admit it. I get a stanza idea for a poem, and I write it down. A story idea or a scene idea pops into my head, and I write it down.


So, lately I've been cleaning up some of those somewheres and going for a bit more organization. I didn't run into anything I'd forgotten about, I'm pleased to say, but I did run into squibs of bits of ideas for over 50 different poems. Well, I suppose some of the pieces might fit together and reduce the number, but still, I was pleased at the number of things that didn't fall into the "dregs" category.

But just for the record, I didn't throw those away either. I merely organized!

Any of you note jotters? Do you ever go back and mine the gold? And if so... what's your secret?


A Secular Franciscan said...

I jot a lot of notes. If too much times passes before I look back at them I generally find I've lost whatever train of thought was involved with them. I have to dig them out later the same day or the next morning if they are going to lead to anything.

Charles Waters said...

I'm a jotter as well. I have a little booklet I keep with me and if not that any scrap of paper will suffice.