Monday, January 11, 2010

Children's poetry and humor

There's a great conversation about humor and children's poetry going on over at author/poet David L. Harrison's blog.

There are so many sub-currents in the conversation - why does humor get less respect, is light verse "lesser" somehow than "poetry" in general or just viewed that way, do kids respond to all kinds of poetry (and does presentation of it matter?), and much more.

I hope some of you will head on over and jump in or share your thoughts here if you'd rather!

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Lori Calabrese said...

Thanks for directing me to this discussion, Greg. Interesting topic!

One thing's for sure--Rhyme is difficult to write whether it's humorous or serious, and anyone that can put their thoughts to paper should be commended.

As for children reading serious or humorous poetry--variety is great, but I think we should be happy that children are reading. When it comes to books, even adults lean toward the genres they like. It's only natural that fun-loving children are going to be mostly drawn to humorous poetry such as Dr. Seuss. I have to admit, so am I! :)

Have a great night!