Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Book 'em.

It's almost back to school time in my world... and that means it's back into library action. Thanks to those who've donated books over the summer to my favorite library. And this time, a special hat tip to Caroline Hatton, author of, among other things, the fabulous, timely new book The Night Olympic Team (all about drug testing, drugs, the Olympics. Or, as her site puts it, "an adventure story that happens to be about scientists who happen to be real people"). Caroline has, over the last three years, probably given me a book or two for the library most every time I've seen her. How wonderful is that????

But there are so many to tip my hat to: fellow bloggers who donate books (and often lots of 'em); friendly readers who donate books (again, sometimes in shocking quantities); people who dive in and help out at the school level. Three years of volunteer librarianship and yes, I'm burned out and would love a budget and and and... and it remains the single best project I've ever worked on in my life. Go figure!

One day I'll stop doing it, but until then if you see me, don't be suprised if I say "got books?"

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