Friday, July 27, 2018

Ants! (Based on a True Story) - an insect poem/an ugh poem

Ants! (Based on a True Story)
Greg Pincus

They're coming in through gaps and cracks,
Through windows and through doors:
The ants aren't coming one by one
They're marching in by scores!
I fight them on the stove top
And when we've finished brawling,
I take a breath and then...oh no!
The kitchen counter's crawling.
I wipe and crush and swipe and spray.
I kill and shed no tears.
I cannot show them weakness.
They cannot know my fears.
I celebrate each surface cleared,
But there's no time to linger.
I cannot take a moment off and...
Ack!! One's on my finger!!!
I want to send a message,
Hear this come from their lips:
"Don't go inside, my ant-mates
For it's pure antpocalypse."
I try to love the whole wide world,
But sometimes... I just can't.
So here, today, I say out loud
I'm firmly anti-ant.

I'm not saying this is a necessarily a poem for kids. I am saying that this day will live in ant-infamy: July 24, 2018. And yes, I emerged victorious from the quagmire....

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Books4Learning said...

This poem is amazing! It made me feel like I was reading something from Shel Silverstein! You need to get this published.

Catherine Flynn said...

I laughed out loud through your entire poem, Greg! I especially love "it's pure antpocalypse!" We've had our own ant invasion this summer. I think the war is over, but sometimes I still find one brave, hopeful ant lurking near the sugar bowl. By the way, your link wasn't working, so I added it again. It seems to be linking up correctly now. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Lee said...

ACK! The invasion of the ants! We keep a close eye on the yard and if they start nesting/swarming too close to the house, we, too, cause ant apocalypses! (Boiling water does the trick outside. A line of borax across their march is good inside...if you don't have pets.)

Fun poem!!

April Halprin Wayland said...

It's been too long since I've visited your blog, Greg. I love your way of looking ant the world.

Sally Murphy said...

Thanks for the laugh Greg - the perfect ant-idote to a busy day.