Thursday, June 04, 2015

Trailer! Bookreels! Award Nomination! Stuff!

Well, if I had timbers, I think they'd be shivered with my surprise at finding the 14 Fibs of Gregory K. book trailer nominated for the Best Children's Bookreel award over at Bookreels. The winners are announced next week (and competition is tough, at least to my eye).

I am, as many of you know, quite partial to the trailer and the song in it. And no, it's not just cuz I'm a "Gregory K." too and thus now have a song. Nope. It's just that I think Andrew did a great job capturing the book in song form.

Anyway, you should watch all the nominated trailers if you have any interest in book trailers as there are some really fabulous ones nominated. (There's more at Bookreels, too, beyond the nominees, including a whole Children's section and a Young Adult section, too.

And while I'd love you to go watch my trailer over at Bookreels so that it seems super popular, I'm gonna post it right here because, darn it, it makes me happy!

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Jen Robinson said...

Congratulations, Greg! It's good to see both Gregory K's getting some appreciation :-).