Friday, October 31, 2014

Poetry Re-Issue: I'm the Squeak Upon the Stair (a spooky Halloween poem)

This poem first ran here at Gottabook back in 2011.

Greg Pincus

I’m the squeak upon the stair...
Yet when you look, there’s no one there.
I’m howling winds, groaning floors,
Extinguished lights, slamming doors.
I’m flitting shadows, darkening skies,
Piercing screams, distant cries.
I’m all your fears – heard, felt, or seen.
I’m in your head. I’m Halloween.

Halloween is on Poetry Friday again (with the roundup hosted by Linda over at TeacherDance)! This makes me happier than peanut butter cups, I gotta say. May those of you who trick-or-treat have a happy, safe evening (same for those of you who don't, by the way). And... boo!

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jama said...

Boo to you! Love the poem :).

Linda B said...

There are those moments: "Yet when you look, there’s no one there." Just right, Greg. It is Halloween! Hope you have a happy, and maybe a little spooky, one too.

Anonymous said...

You made my Halloween happier with your fun and oh-so-true poem!

Bridget Magee said...

Halloween is "all in my head" - love this poem, Greg! Wishing you a spooky night! =)

kevan atteberry said...

Yep. Love this.

Carol Varsalona said...

If you are truly in my head then Halloween just became spookier. I hope your day was as wonderful greeting the children as mine. By the way, I am hosting a Finding Fall Gallery and wondered if you would like to write to give your perspective through a photo and poem? If so see=>

Adrina_Lima said...

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