Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Little Big League!

It was 20 years ago today - hey, I like that phrasing - that Little Big League opened in theaters. I wrote the original screenplay for it, which makes me biased, but I've always liked the film... and yes, I still remember the premiere.

It is truly amazing to me that something that started as a little idea in my head (as I drove on the 405, no less) turned into a movie that's still around today. And not only is it still around, but if I may just share this article by Eric Dodds that appeared on Time.com today:

Little Big League: The Most Underrated Baseball Movie of All Time

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and you can quote me)

It can be lonely writing (or illustrating or composing or creating anything), and I admit that sometimes when I'm working, I wonder "huh, will anyone but me really care about this story?" Then the thought goes away because really... well... I'm writing because I care about the story. Writing comes, writing goes... and then comes a day like today where, when I'm not expecting it, I get a really big affirmative answer to that long ago question.

I'll keep that feeling in the back of my mind as I keep writing my current manuscript. With luck, that feeling will help sustain me on those days that the story falls apart - because it will - and remind me that the work is worth it (because some days it won't seem like it). And somewhere along the line, I'm sure I'll ask that same question again... then keep writing because, well, I care about the story. And that's enough. Still, I'll take days like today, too!

Happy Anniversary, Little Big League! And thanks for the memories....


Sandy Brehl said...

Congrats! Who knew? I was a baseball fan back then and still am, and this is an all time fave among baseball movies.

Darcy Cline said...

It was nice sharing a table with you and your son. Best of luck with The 14 Fibs of Gregory K. You should be doing readings while in town... "unless" this is your official vacation? In that event, have fun, enjoy the weather and check out Ye Olde Curiosity Shop down on the waterfront!

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