Friday, August 30, 2013

I Packed the Poetry

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While I don't talk about it much these days, I'm actually starting year nine of volunteer librarian-ing at my kids' elementary school. The last two years, the job wasn't much, as we frequently weren't able to get into our library space. As a result, this year... we're on the move!

The unfortunate part of the situation, besides actually physically moving the books, is that we're leaving a really wonderful set of rooms and downsizing. Still, having a room full of books you can't visit is, for me at least, in some ways more frustrating than not having books at all. So, we're packing up with the goal of also leaving a good collection behind in the original space and setting up our new, smaller-but-ours space, too.

We're lucky in that over the last eight years we've built a pretty solid collection and can create two viable collections. But geez... when there aren't duplicates of a book - particularly, I've noticed, a picture book - I do NOT want to leave it behind. I mean, some day a kid might pull Tell Me a Mitzi off the shelf, ya know?

Anyway, yesterday was particularly trying as I discovered that leaving any poetry book behind, even the many, many doubles (note: if you live on donations, you will get Shel Silverstein), was not something that was in my blood. It was an act of discipline to make choices, even knowing that we can access the books from either location. In the end, I admit it, I packed the poetry in a ratio that kept more of it with me.

And I'd do it again, too.

That said, let this be our secret, okay? Thanks. You're the best. (Oh, and all you amazing people who have donated books to the library or signed books when I've found you? Thanks again! All your books are staying with us, I guarantee!)

It's Poetry Friday, and Tara has the roundup over at A Teaching Life. Check it out for gobs of poetry joy....


BJ Lee said...

Oooh, as a former librarian (The Boston Conservatory), I feel your pain, Greg. So hard to ever 'get rid of' any books!

tanita♥davis said...

Packing books is THE WORST. I know that I don't have enough space to keep everything, and that Friend of the Library could use them so much more than I, but...

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Good luck in your new location. Libraries are so important for young people. It's wonderful that you have volunteered your time all these years.

I'd take the poetry, too!