Friday, January 27, 2012

Whipped Cream - a food poem/a dessert poem

Whipped Cream
Greg Pincus

Whipped cream!
Whipped cream!
My, oh, my!
Pile it, pile it, pile it high.
In blobby mounds or nice and swirled,
I don’t care, it rocks my world.
It’s great on cookies, pie and cake,
And high atop a creamy shake.
Pudding gets a lot more dreamy
Topped with something whipped and creamy.
Yummy on banana splits
In fact, I have to say that it’s
The perfect food, without debate.
Yes, give me whipped cream on my plate!

The Poetry Friday Roundup is over at Hey, Jim Hill! (which is, unsurprisingly, the blog of author Jim Hill). Check it out, and then have a little whipped cream for yourself.

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Linda B said...

Love that 'pudding gets a lot more dreamy/topped with something whipped and creamy'. It just sounds so good, poetically too!

jama said...

*licks chops*

My kind of poem!! Love it. Sigh. . .

Katya said...

Mmm... we're having whipped cream and berries on our pavlova tonight... so your poem couldn't be more timely.

Short Poems said...

Beautifully written, love it :)

david elzey said...

am i the only one who occasionally used to (still do?) tilt his head back and pile some whip cream directly into his mouth?

perfect food, indeed!

Tara said...

My, oh, my!
Pile it, pile it, pile it high.

Yes, indeed! I'm glad David made his confession first - it used to be one of my favorite secret vices, until I was caught out by my son and now can enjoy the experience in the open.

Mary Lee said...

NOM! Nothing better than whipped cream!

Flying Selki said...

YOu have to stop!
This poem is getting me hungry!!!!!