Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The List of Lists

It's that time of year when "best of" and "top books" and awards galore are handed out. How's a reader supposed to keep up with all this news in children's publishing? Us mere mortals can't, but luckily for us, Susan over at Chicken Spaghetti keeps a list of all the lists and awards - updated frequently, at that.

It's one of my favorite resources for finding books to read, determining good gifts, and simply seeing what's out there in a whole slew of different children's literature related categories. I hope y'all like it, too (and thanks, Susan!).


Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Nice share, Gregory. I'll go over there now to check it out. I, too, get overwhelmed my so many random lists that get posted. It will be nice to see them all in one place.

Susan T. said...

Greg, thank you so much for the mention! I am a list fan from way back, and enjoy putting together the Best Of each year.