Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Five Year-o-versary!

Monday was my five year anniversary here at GottaBook. That's a long time ago... 1,000+ posts, thousands of comments, hundreds of thousands of visitors, and a lot of other metrics.

Today is another five year anniversary - five years since I posted my first poem hereabouts. That's probably even more meaningful to me than starting the blog itself. (If you were gonna go hunting for the poem, by the way, no worries - I'm gonna post it this week to celebrate.)

As always, you - yes, YOU - are a huge part of the story. I love your reactions... your support... your friendship (and your emails alerting me to horrendous typos!). Without y'all, I wouldn't even be thinking about what comes in the years ahead here on GottaBook. But you're here... so I do!

So, thanks for sticking around, and I'm looking forward to sharing a lot more with you in the time ahead.


Fourth Musketeer said...

Congratulations! Five years of blogging is about a century in regular years!

Ms. Yingling said...

Congratulations! I just had my 5th as well. Hope you have many more years of blogging!

Lindsey Lane said...

And today is the day I put this blog in my rss feeds and begin reading.
Happy Birthday.

MotherReader said...

Congratulations! The world of kidlit blogging has certainly changed since our early days, that's for sure.