Monday, August 10, 2009


Heading off for the last day of the SCBWI Conference... and as usual, it's total overload.

One of my favorite tiny bits so far came via author Karen Cushman. I will paraphrase (though it might be an exact quote, actually, but since I'm not sure, I call it a paraphrase!).

They say write what you know. If I did that, it would be

I woke up.
I made stuff up.
I went to bed.

Instead, I say write what you want to know.



Fictions from A to Z said...

blogwalking. nice blog you have and be back. thanks.

carolinestarr said...

Love Karen Cushman. I'm including The Ballad of Lucy Whipple in my after-school book club this year. And love what she has to say. Writing what you know means nothing. Writing what you want to know opens the world.