Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Poetry Re-Issue: Garage Sale - a garage sale poem

Garage Sale
Gregory K.

Mrs. O'Leary from down the street
Owned a Chevy and also a Dodge.
She must've sold them both, I guess.
Why else would she sell her garage?

Originally posted here back in 2006 (complete with a comment from Leonardo Fibonacci!), the poem popped into my mind because we're hosting a garage sale today. I figure most of you can't come by and buy, but at least this way you can be with me in a poetic sense.

Please note, by the way, that the garage is not for sale, nor is the yard. If you make a great offer on the sidewalk, however....


carli said...

I love it!
Have fun at the garage sale.

Peggy Abrahams Words & Pictures said...

Ha ha! That's great.
I'm glad you re-posted it.

Anonymous said...

Fun poem!

shutta AT shuttacrum DOT com


Down here in the South
we call them Yard Sales.
Wonder what Mrs. O'Leary
would think about that?