Thursday, October 16, 2008


Are you kidding me? Past the middle of October already???? It's wrong, I tell ya. I was not informed time would pass so quickly, unlike prior years.

Do you think we could all get a "time bail out" from someone? Those of us who have overly-leveraged our time would be appreciative.

Today I actually attempted to carve out time to write poetry for fun, something I haven't been doing nearly enough of. I need to return to starting each writing day with poetry, I think, because it entertains and gets the writing blood flowing. Kinda like the coffee of writing for me. Ahhh... if only poetry sold like coffee! But that's for another day. Because I'm overly-leveraged right now, and I gotta book!


Kelly Polark said...

I'm a poet, too. Let's get Starbucks to sell books of poetry! Actually that isn't a bad pairing! I can see customers sipping coffee and reciting haikus! (or Fibs!)

Anonymous said...

"Time bail out." That's exactly what I need. Do you think McCain will suspend his campaign to help us out with that?

Anonymous said...

what does ziiip stand for?