Thursday, July 31, 2008

I know you've got tales to tell....

So, if I meet you at the SCBWI Conference this weekend, odds are that conversation will turn to what's happening online in the world of children's literature and what you've thought/experienced/learned from and about it. But if you're not gonna be there... well, heck, I still wanna know!

If you have any stories you'd like to tell me about interesting (or not!) things that have happened from your blogging or social networking or your website, I'd sure love you to leave a comment or email me. Collecting stories here online is my preferred, as quite often, one story prompts another... but hey, however you want to tell your tale is fine by me!


Gregory K. said...

I'll start with my oft repeated comment that it is my online friends/connections who I turn to first whenever I have questions in the field of children's literature. Often, a quick search gets the answer for me, but asking folks almost always gets me more information than I ever coulda found on my own. It's a wonderfully giving community, so generous of spirit, and with a collective knowledge far, far bigger than any of us can have individually. And it rocks :-)

Gregory K. said...

I should add that I've heard many stories of authors and illustrators getting school appearances based on web contacts. I've "met" editors and had poems picked up in a wonderfully odd array of places. I've gotten to chat with poets who I wildly admire.

And I got to meet and learn from so many at the first annual kidlit blogging conference (and continue to use what I've learned!) and will get to do so at the 2008 Conference as well. PLUS, of course, is the mere fact that we are now, collectively, on Conference two. Impressive (and you should come, btw. Yes... you!)