Friday, May 04, 2007

A Search Fib for Poetry Friday...

This is certainly an original composition, though as with most Search Fibs, it's not clear that it's a poem, per se. But heck, some mighty fine search terms have rolled in of late, and this is as good a way for sharing as any. And again let me say... boy there are a lot of different search mechanisms out there!

Kelly's been nice enough to round up the Poetry Friday links today. Go on and check it allll out.

Tell fibs
Prune bathroom
Good scrotum supports
Is Mother's Day time to play sports?


Susan said...

This is a really fine one, Greg. I am inspired to create one for next Friday.

Prune bathroom. Awesome. The bar has been raised. I don't know if I have one that good, but I will look.

Minge said...

I host Fib Sunday. Please take a look: