Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It never rains...

but man... it pours!

That Albert Hammond reference actually only applies to the weather here in Southern California, not some metaphorical issue in my life. Although perhaps it applies to the ....

What's that? The issue of celebrity authors of children's books? Yes, I guess it does apply. I don't give this subject much nevermind as there's little I can do about it, but I thought it worth noting that among the thousands of books that have gone through my hands as I've helped stock our library are some amazing books (all more than 10 years old and most 20 or more), including...

A book written and illustrated by the then Cat Stevens (in three languages!). An Alan Arkin novel. Picture books written and illustrated by
Fred Gwynne. Books by Dom DeLuise, Boomer Esiason, Whoopi Goldberg, and a handful of other curiousity pieces of the same ilk.

Now we can argue that the earlier names on my list were all more talented. Might very well be true (and Alan Arkin, for instance, has had a very long career and just had a picture book out last year). But the point is that some of those names CERTAINLY were published because of their fame, not because of their writing talent. Yet, against all odds, publishing survived!

I am sure the same is true now. But just in case, I'm changing my name in an attempt to cash in. Look for my future work coming soon!


The Cast of Lost

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